Frequently Asked Questions

Baby Massage FAQ’S

What is Baby Massage?

Baby massage is a wonderful calming and relaxing way to bond with your baby and it comes with many benefits! Too list a few, not only is it a great way to get to know your little ones cues by helping you develop an understanding of your babies behavior, but it is also a fabulous way to spend some quality time with each other. You will learn techniques that will help with colic, digestive problems like constipation for example, it can also help with teething, nasal congestion, chest congestion, it aids sleep and helps to strengthen and tone muscles. Also in the class you will learn some gentle basic yoga – ways to lift, hold and carry your baby. once your baby is 3 months old and has good head control you can then progress on baby yoga for lots more fun.

How old does my baby have to be to participate?

Baby massage is suitable from birth to crawling which is usually around 6 months (ish) after this babies become a bit more of a handful! Trust me on this! Lots of parents seem to wait until the belly button has healed, others wait until baby is around 6 weeks old as they stay awake slightly longer. It’s completely up to you when you decide to join. If you carry on reading you will see more questions regarding sleeping and fussy babies that might interest you.

Does my baby have to wear anything in particular?

In baby massage, oil is used so baby is usually stripped down to the nappy to avoid mess on their clothes. Also babies love skin to skin contact so this is hugely beneficially for them, but if you prefer you can always do a dry massage on baby, which is a massage over their clothes and without the use of oil.

What  happens if my baby starts to fuss in the class?

The massage is completely baby led so it’s absolutely fine if your baby cries, needs feeding or needs to be changed in class.  No one will judge you, we’ve all been there! Massage shouldn’t be carried out on a distressed baby as it is supposed to be a relaxing calm bonding experience for you both – if you need a few minutes to calm yourselves then feel free, and come back when you are ready.

My baby is asleep! What do I do?

If your baby falls asleep in the class then let them sleep, maybe have a teddy bear or doll handy that you can practice the strokes on so that you can try them on baby when the time suits you both.

What should I bring to my massage class?

A yoga mat is handy to bring if you have one – don’t worry if you don’t, a changing mat and a towel/blanket to put baby on, also a teddy or doll to practice on incase baby falls asleep. You’ll also need oil, vegetable oil or extra virgin coconut oil are highly recommended, I wouldn’t use oil on a doll or teddy though or things will get messy!

How much is it & how do I book?

At the moment I have a special offer on, 35% discount which means 5 x 1 hour long baby massage sessions for just £22.50 instead of £35.00!! This is for a limited time only. There is a booking button on the home page under the “classes” section which will take you to my bookings page. I will announce when you can book the classes.

I’ve changed my mind, how do I cancel?

Unfortunately refunds have a major effect on small business’s like mine. I ask for you to be absolutely sure you want to book on before you pay because it is final once money is exchanged. (Please see the cancellations / T’s & C’s page for more info) If for whatever reason you cannot make a class let me know as soon as possible and we can rearrange (this might just be that I transfer you to the same class in the next term).

My baby is sick, what do I do?

If your baby is sick and the class is a face to face class then I ask you to please consider the other babies and stay home. Let me know and your class can be rearranged. If your are participating in a zoom class, then you can always still participate with a teddy bear or doll and practice the moves on baby when baby is better. Or let me know and your class can be rearranged.

I have a health concern, what do I do?

If you have a health concern for yourself or your baby then I would advise you speak to a doctor before starting any sessions with me. I like to incorporate some gentle yoga into my massage classes so it’s better to be safe and check first with a healthcare professional if you have any worries. I also ask to please don’t force yourself or your little one into doing a move or posture that you or baby are struggling with. Be kind to yourself, it is supposed to be a calming, relaxing bonding experience for you both so don’t push yourself too hard, I mean… you’ve just had a baby after all so take it easy mama, you’ve got this!!.